List of Best Resources for Stock Market

Hi all. In this thread, let’s share the list of the best stock market resources for all learners to advance market enthusiasts.

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7 Must Know Stock Market Websites

  1. NSE India
  2. BSE India
  3. SEBI dot gov
  4. Economic Times
  5. Live mint
  6. Moneycontrol
  7. Google Finance

Best Stock Market Trading Apps

  1. Zerodha Kite
  2. Groww
  3. Angel One
  4. Upstox
  5. Paytm Money
  6. 5paisa Mobile
  7. Kotak Stock Trader

Best Stock Market Research Apps

  1. Moneycontrol
  2. ET Markets
  3. Trade Brains Portal
  4. Tickertape
  5. Stockedge
  6. Trendlyne
  7. Marketsmojo

Best Apps for Daily Share Market News

  1. Moneycontrol
  2. ET Markets
  3. Livemint
  4. Investing dotcom
  5. Trade Brains Portal

Best Stock Market Investing Books

  1. Learn to Earn By P Lynch
  2. The Intelligent Investor
  3. Common Stocks & Uncommon Profits by Fisher
  4. The Dhandho Investor by Pabrai
  5. The little book that beats Market
  6. The Warren Buffett Way by Hagstorm
  7. Margin of Safety by S Klarman

Best Trading books in Stock Market

  1. How to Make Money in Stocks
  2. Getting Started in Technical Analysis
  3. Reminiscences of Stock Operator
  4. Technical Analysis of Financial Markets
  5. Stocks on the Move
  6. Market Wizards Series
  7. Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques

Best Stock Market Youtube Channels

  1. Convey by FinnovationZ
  2. Pranjal Kamra
  3. Elearn Markets
  4. Trade Brains
  5. CA Rachana Ranade
  6. Asset Yogi
  7. Vivek Bajaj

Best Stock Screeners in India

  1. Screener dotin
  2. Trade Brains Screener
  3. Investing dotcom
  4. Tickertape Screener
  5. Trendlyne Screener

Best Stock Market Forums in India

  1. ValuePickr Forum
  2. Trading Q&A
  3. Traderji
  4. Trade Brains Forum
  5. Stock Adda
  6. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Forum
  7. Bse2Nse

Best Mutual Fund Investing Books

  1. Common Sense of Mutual Funds
  2. Mutual Fund For Dummies
  3. Bogle on Mutual Funds
  4. The Mutual Funds Book
  5. Morningstar Guide to Mutual Funds
  6. The Mutual Fund Industry Handbook
  7. Mutual Funds for Wealth Building

Best Direct Mutual Fund Investing Apps

  1. Groww – Direct Mutual Funds App
  2. ETMONEY Mutual Fund App
  3. myCAMS Mutual Fund App
  4. KFinKart – Investor Mutual Funds
  5. Zerodha Coin
  6. PayTM Money Mutual Funds App
  7. KTrack mobile app by Karvy

Best Websites/Apps for Virtual Stock Trading

  1. Moneybhai
  2. Trading View
  3. TrakInvest
  4. Dalal Street
  5. Moneypot
  6. Investopedia Simulator

What are the other top websites/resources that you would like to share with our community?